Our Business

Scene 7 Capital (“S7C”) is an Ontario-based boutique investment firm specialized in providing Halal & Responsible investment products and services.
Our aim is to provide the community of responsible investors with new investment avenues that offer attractive returns while meeting strict ethical and moral standards.
We pride ourselves on being one of the pioneers in the North American Halal & Responsible investments space.


Our Philosophy

We believe that investors should not compromise on their ethical and moral principles to achieve attractive returns. If anything, we believe that investors should be rewarded with higher returns and more meaningful investment experiences for upholding such values.
In S7C, we have made it our mission to make this possible by offering Halal investment solutions that are environmentally and social sound, and that are aligned with good governance practices. Sharia, environmental, social and governance (SESG) factors are integrated into our investment process and are a key component of our fundamental analysis to identify potential sources of alpha or risk reduction.


Our Values

We consider our fiduciary duty towards our investors and clients is our “license-to-operate”. We are committed to acting in their best interest no matter what.

Because what we do aligns with our core values, we are always excited, engaged and active. We are intensely focused on performing at the highest levels and always aim to exceed expectations.

We strive to provide solutions to our clients and our larger communities which require us to be innovative, challenge the status quo and not be afraid of failure.

We are driven by a noble mission of contributing to our communities and leaving a good impact. We are proud of our work and always want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

We believe that transparency is a source for our long-term success. We aim to maintain transparent relationships not only amongst our team members, but also with all of our stakeholders.

We build lasting partnerships and relations. We think long-term and we do not shy away from working on initiatives that will reap return later down the road.

We believe that partnership is vital to our success and to the creation of great products and services.



Asset Management

We are specialized in designing funds that are compliant with Halal & Responsible Investing Principles which are tailored to meet the investment profile and risk appetites of our investors


We provide institutional grade investment and strategic advisory service to financial institutions, corporations, family offices and NGOs