Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that investors should not compromise on their ethical and moral principles to achieve attractive returns. If anything, we believe that investors should be rewarded with higher returns and more meaningful investment experiences for upholding such values.
In S7C, we have made it our mission to make this possible by offering Halal investment solutions that are environmentally and social sound, and that are aligned with good governance practices. Sharia, environmental, social and governance (SESG) factors are integrated into our investment process and are a key component of our fundamental analysis to identify potential sources of alpha or risk reduction.

Halal & Responsible investing

Halal & Responsible investment is an approach to investing that aims to incorporate Shariah, Environmental, Social and Governance (SESG) factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns
Below are examples of Sharia, environmental, social and governance (SESG) factors we look at whenever we are assessing an investment deal


factors include the impact of an investment on the climate, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, pollution, water and waste management, site rehabilitation, biodiversity, and habitat protection


We make sure our investments are free of the following:
.Pure speculation
.Excessive uncertainty
.Prohibited activities such as alcohol, tobacco, armaments, pornography, gambling


factors include the alignment of interests between executives and shareholders, executive compensation, board independence and composition, board accountability, shareholder rights, transparency, anti-corruption measures, financial policies.


factors include human rights, community consent/impact, respect for indigenous peoples, employee relations and working conditions, discrimination, child labour and forced labour, health and safety, and consumer relations.